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ImageWorks Displays Sponsored Studio

I worked on a team to design "The future of the Convenience Store" in partnership with ImageWorks Displays. Working on a team with Amelia Bullins and Taylor Pitt, we developed CADD renders and a 1/6 scale model of an island display that incorporated two air fryers on either side of it. Packaging was developed to make transporting food to and from the air fryer easier and safer. The island itself was designed to be modular to make it cheaper for smaller franchisee C-Store owners. The 3D printed model featured modularity and reversible branding with the implementation of C-channels in the ad areas. Miniature packages and bags were created by folding photo paper that had printed patterns on it. The water bottles and cola were injection molded from a machined mold modeled and machined by myself.

Spring 2022

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