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2022 Wanted Design Schools Workshop Best-In-Show Ritual


The 2022 Wanted Design Schools Workshop seeks to create and celebrate opportunities to positively impact mental and physical health by reconnecting, revitalizing, and refocusing ourselves through ritual.

The Workshop challenged students to design physical artifacts, environments, and interactions that establish revitalizing new rituals and ceremonies to promote balance and mindfulness. Design solutions developed by the Workshop teams focused on multi sensory experiences of physical interactions over chemical or virtual augmentations. The integration of craft and process in the creation of artifacts that stimulate reconnecting and refocusing was a paramount to the establishment of these new rituals. 


The 27 participating students came from the 6 design schools from around the world and organized into 7 teams of 4 or 3 students. Teams are made mixing students from different schools and different design disciplines. Each teammate brings fresh perspectives, unique ideas, and varied backgrounds. The workshop is intense by nature and constrained by the five days from concept to finalized ritual

The Team

Nadine Erika Torres Garay
Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera

Andrea Carolina González
Tec Monterrey

Oliver Dunkin
Appalachian State University



After 3 days of research and ideation, we felt stuck in the studio space. 

IMG_2265 2.JPG

So we left the studio to "zoom out" and see if we could find some fresh perspectives.  


Over papusas, we shared our favorite and least favorite parts of the workshop so far. 

10:45 PM


What if what we did at dinner was the ritual...

"Design a ritual for sharing the best and worst parts of your day with gathered friends." 


Final Design

Copia de Altibajos_DetalleInterior.PNG
Copia de Altibajos_PiezasSeparadas.PNG

The Result

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 3.33.11 PM.png

The win was sweet but the real takeaway was the relationships we had built in such a short time. Our advantage was our investment in each other. We spent the most time getting to know each other which eventually led to trust that allowed us to dig deeper into our personal experiences. By drawing out the deeper parts of each other we were able to create something greater than any one of us.

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